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Hello there! My name is Daniel. I am aspiring software engineer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I am a curious individual who enjoys problem solving. I come from a STEM background and have had programming experience throughout my life. Post graduation I entered the work force and took up web development as a hobby. Since then, I have fallen even more in love with coding!


Besides programming, I am an avid weightlifter. I started lifting about three years ago and have grown very fond of the sport. Currently, I look forward to each training session as I push myself to beat my previous personal records.

On rainy days I like to browse Reddit, read some books and play video games. Occassionaly I will play the piano or guitar to help me relax as well.

Need help on a project?

Currently, I am looking for any opportunities that will allow me to put my skillset to use. I am open to all types of positions as well as freelancing work. My focus is to deliver high quality content that exceeds your expectations.


Web Development

Whether it is a personal blog or for your business, you can be assured that each webpage is carefully handcrafted to meet your requirements.

Responsive Design

Responsive design ensures that your webpage appears elegant to all visitors. Regardless if they use a phone, tablet, or PC.

Content Creation

Writer's block? I can help generate clear and concise content.

General Support

I am more than happy to assist with any outstanding tasks you have for your project.