Hello! I'm Daniel, a certified Salesforce Platform Developer who also creates web applications.

I'm a mission driven developer with a passion for delivering high-quality, scalable, and maintainable code. I enjoy learning about new technologies and love to share what I learn with other people. Aside from writing code and developing software professionally, I also do part-time tutoring for AP Computer Science students.

Professional Projects

Jira to Slack Integration


Automate release notes from our company's Jira project management tool to our Slack communication channels.

Work Involved

After conducting research, I determined that an existing solution did not exist due to Jira’s API limitations. Therefore, I was responsible for coding from scratch a custom Node.Js integration to send, retrieve, and parse the release notes. Aside from buiding the parser, the process involved setting up webhooks on both Jira and Slack, creating a read-only user, and authenticating the user to retrieve Jira issues. Additionally, I had to consolidate my code with an existing Salesforce to Slack app and re-deploy the entire app to Heroku.


Personal Projects

Frogger Clone

A clone of the classic 1981 arcade game. Made with Javascript.

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Wikipedia Viewer

Search for and preview Wikipedia articles. Created with Javascript & AngularJS.

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Local Weather

Check the current forecast. Done with Javascript.

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Drawing Board

An Etch-A-Sketch clone.

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Tribute Page

A tribute page about Bill Gates.

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